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Paws and Train strives to provide Corvallis and the surrounding area with humane training and behavior solutions, as well as quality pet care. It's our mission to make your and your pet's life a happy one by providing opportunities for learning, as well as enrichment services.

At Paws and Train we're in the business of developing happy confident pets, and even happier owners!


Off leash heel, in the woods, with siste

Liz Stoenner - CPDTKA

Liz is absolutely passionate about helping to enrich the lives of the animals around her. She studied animal behavior at OSU, and has been accredited through Petsmart and Petco as a Pet Dog Trainer. Currently working toward her Fear Free certification, Liz is also a member of APDT, PPG, and is an AKC Evaluator. Her love for helping animals and their caretakers started as a volunteer trainer at her local county shelter, providing the foundation for basic behaviors that made the shelter dogs she encountered much more adoptable.


Her successes at the shelter sparked something within, and she knew she wanted to help those on the other end of the adoption process by empowering owners. As a result she started working with clients and their dogs as a Petco accredited trainer teaching group classes, providing private lessons, and running puppy play times in Salem. When there was an opportunity to move to Corvallis, Liz ecstatically jumped at the chance to help a new community.

As she grew her skillset, she knew she could help more than she was currently able to within the confines of a corporation. Continuing her education, Liz found a niche of owners who needed help with their dogs but weren't able to attend run-of-the-mill classes. By offering specialized private lessons, and even providing training when owners are unable to be present, Paws and Train can truly help their community be at the forefront of happy, healthy, well behaved pet development. 

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