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Client References and Referrals

With as much as we love our dog as if she was our child nothing mattered more than knowing we would be leaving her in good hands. It’s very difficult to put a price on such a thing as peace of mind, but if you could it’d be whatever Liz is charging. Liz is an absolute expert and she went above and beyond in providing excellent care for our dog. As long as we live in Oregon we will look to Liz to take care of our dog anytime we need to. Highly recommend!

-Lee A.

Liz did such an amazing job taking care of my dog. My dog is anxious and doesn’t like to not be with me or my husband. But we left Charlie with Liz for a weekend and she constantly sent me updates and helped put my mind at ease. Charlie got to go on walks and play games with Liz. When I picked Charlie up he was happy to see me but also very excited for me to see that he had made a new friend. I highly recommend Liz to every dog owner and I will certainly be taking Charlie back when I have to leave him.

-Emily L.

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